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Kivvik Applicant Tracking

The Kivvik Screening Tool

Find the right candidates using Kivvik’s Pro-Analysis Screening Platform. Customize your hiring process, and gain a better understanding of who your applicants are by using behavioral analysis.

The Instructions

step 1

Step 1

Dashboard Setup

After creating your account and setting your preferences, you will be welcomed to the Kivvik Dashboard. On the Dashboard, you have the ability to create job posts to suit your company’s needs.

step 2

Step 2

Customize Your Post

During the job post creation process, you have the ability to rank traits and talents of candidates that are most important for each position.

step 3

Step 3

Set Your Benchmark

Email current employees through Kivvik and have them take our quick and engaging assessments. Once they have completed the assessments, you will be able to compare the applicant pool’s performance to their results.

step 4

Step 4

Discover Top Talent

Kivvik not only displays the candidates with the highest match scores, but also displays how each candidate compares to the other top talent. Decide among the top candidates to find the individual most suited for the position.



Stress Management

Find the candidates who can handle being under pressure in addition to those that do not cope well with stress.

Social Sharing

Risk Assessments

Learn which candidates are more likely to take risks during stressful conditions and those who are more risk averse.

Task Management

Comparative Analysis

Evaluate the skills of your top talent versus a benchmark or the candidate pool averages for a particular position.

Collaborative Feedback


Discover the candidates that will interact and fit in the best with your other employees.

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