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Applicant Screening

Kivvik assesses candidates’ emotional intelligence, critical thinking, stress management, and risk tolerance to give you a better understanding of how well they fit into your company’s culture. Using both industry data and your personalized preferences, Kivvik will recommend the right candidates.


Customizable Screening

Find the candidates who can handle being under pressure in addition to those that do not cope well with stress.

Social Sharing

Risk & Stress Analysis

Identify which candidates are more likely to become more impulsive during stressful conditions and those who are more level headed.

Task Management

Critical Thinking

Measuring candidates’ logical, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving capabilities.

Collaborative Feedback

Emotional Intelligence

Measuring candidates’ ability to understand emotions and integrate in the workplace.

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In-Depth Reporting

Evaluate the skills of your top talent against industry averages, national averages, or a top employee. All based on assessments used by the top 7 banks.

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Candidate Experience

At Kivvik, we believe that effective behavioral analysis should not come at the expense of your applicants’ patience and perception of your companies brand.

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