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Minimize the leap of faith.

Hiring is a process that has traditionally involved taking a leap of faith and giving a candidate a chance to prove they can succeed within your work environment. By having candidates take our assessments, which utilize leading predictors of success and performance in the workplace, we are able to minimize the leap of faith that goes into every hiring decision.

Applicant screening just got simpler.

Kivvik assesses candidates’ Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Stress Management, and Risk Tolerance to provide a better understanding of how well they fit into your company’s culture. Using both industry data and your personalized preferences, Kivvik will recommend the right candidates.

Predictive Assessments

Emotional Intelligence

Measures candidates’ ability to understand emotions and integrate in the workplace.

Critical Thinking

Measures candidates’ logical, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving capabilities.

Risk & Stress Analysis

Evaluates candidates’ behavior and decision-making abilities under normal and stressful conditions.

Paperless, easy-to-read, reporting.

A simple and easy to read side-by-side comparison of your candidates will make choosing the right one easier. Compare and contrast characteristics and skills to find those who are best fit for your company.

Compare Side By Side

Compare the skills of your candidates against market averages, market leaders, and even top employees.

Invite candidates with one click.

Send a link, input email addresses, or upload a CSV file from your favorite applicant tracking system to easily invite candidates to take assessments.

Share the workload.

Invite your colleagues to collaborate with you as you progress through your recruitment workflow. Add Task Managers to any post in order to begin the process.

Keep candidates engaged while you gain insight.

Behavioral analysis should not come at the expense of your applicants' patience and perception of your company's brand.

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You’ve wasted enough first interviews with unqualified candidates.
Screen talent based on science rather than just a resume.